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Protect Your Child’s Vision

Caring for your ocular health starts at a young age. We believe that regular eye exams are the best way to help protect your child’s vision and get them familiar with vision care. 

The optometrist can seem scary or intimidating at first, but we take our time to make your child feels comfortable during their exam. 

At Dubuque Family Eye Care, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality eye care for people of all ages. We offer a calm and caring environment for your child’s eye exam. We’re here to help look after your family’s eye health and vision. 

Why Does Your Child Need Eye Exams? 

Children need eye exams for the same reason adults do: making sure their eyes are healthy and working effectively. 

Eye exams are especially important for children because vision problems can affect their development and performance in school. Your child deserves clear vision as they learn, play, and interact with the world around them. 

Eye exams play an important role in the early diagnosis of eye problems. Conditions like myopia can worsen with time, affecting your child’s vision. We can begin treatment sooner when we identify issues early in their development. 

Signs Your Child Needs an Eye Exam

It can be difficult for children to notice if they’re struggling with their vision. A child with vision struggles may assume that everyone sees as they do. As a parent, make sure you watch for signs of a vision problem in your child. 

Some symptoms of a vision problem in children include: 

  • Difficulty seeing the blackboard in class
  • Eyes that look crossed
  • Frequent squinting or eye rubbing
  • Frequent headaches
  • Misaligned eyes
  • Struggling with distance vision
  • Trouble focusing in school

When Should Your Child Receive an Eye Exam? 

Children need several eye exams as they grow older because their eyes are growing with the rest of their body. Seeing your child for regular eye exams helps us track changes in their vision and make sure their eyes are developing well. 

According to the American Optometric Association, children’s eye exams should follow this schedule: 

  • One eye exam between 6–12 months old
  • At least one eye exam between ages 3 & 5 
  • Yearly comprehensive eye exams after age 6

We Care About Your Family’s Eye Health

We understand that your child’s vision is essential for their development and growth. Our team takes extra care during your child’s exam to make sure that they feel comfortable at all times. 

We can help care for your family’s eye health—from prescribing glasses to managing eye disease

Contact us when it’s time for your child’s next eye exam. We’re excited to see you.


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