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Protecting Your Eye Health, One Test at a Time

Eye exams likely make you think of reading an eye chart to assess your vision. This test is one of many we complete during your exam to get a full picture of your ocular health. We understand how vital vision is for everyday life. 

We can help protect your vision with our comprehensive eye exams. The importance of these exams cannot be understated. The tests we complete help us identify eye problems before they cause complications. 

Why Get an Eye Exam? 

Eye exams don’t seem necessary if your vision seems fine, but these exams involve more than testing your eyesight. Regular eye exams are essential for protecting your eye health and vision. 

Many eye diseases can develop silently and painlessly, with minimal symptoms until your vision is affected. The only way to catch these issues early is during an eye exam with tests that help us get a comprehensive look at your eye health. An earlier diagnosis means we can begin treatment sooner, helping reduce your risk of vision loss

How Often Should You Receive an Eye Exam?

Eye exam frequency can vary from person to person. According to the American Optometric Association, healthy adults aged 19–64 should have an eye exam at least every 2 years. Adults over 65 should have an exam every year. 

We may want to see you more often if you have an eye condition or a high risk of developing one. We’ll let you know how often we should see you for an eye exam.

What Happens During Your Eye Exam?

We complete several tests during your eye exam to get a complete picture of your eye health and vision. We’ll explain the purpose of each test and answer any questions you may have.

You will undergo several tests during your eye exam. These tests help us get a complete picture of your eye health and vision. We may perform additional tests if necessary, but you can expect the following during your exam. 

Visual acuity is the clarity of your vision. Your doctor will test how well you can see using specialized equipment and charts. Testing your visual acuity helps us determine your prescription. 

Your doctor will complete several tests to assess how well your eyes function. These tests include: 

The eye health assessment is an important part of your exam. Your doctor examines your physical eye health through an in-depth look at the eye’s internal structures. They will test your eye pressure for signs of glaucoma using tonometry

Help Protect Your Vision

Eye exams can help protect your eye health and vision, so don’t postpone your next visit. Even if you have no visible issues, something could be brewing under the surface. Booking regular eye exams is the best way to care for your vision. 

Contact us when it’s time for your next eye exam. 


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