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Protect Your Vision Against Diabetes 

Diabetes is a health condition that can affect your eye health and vision over time. If you have diabetes, our team is here for you.

At Dubuque Family Eye Care, we take a comprehensive approach to your eye health. By combining our expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and progressive treatment programs, we’re prepared to help you wherever you are on your journey. 

If you have diabetes, an annual eye exam is your best line of defense. 

How Does Diabetes Affect My Eyes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar levels. In the short term, it’s unlikely that high blood sugar levels will result in vision problems, but if your blood sugar stays high over time, it can damage the blood vessels in the back of your eyes. 

If your blood vessels become damaged, it can lead to leaking, scarring, or dangerously high pressure inside your eye. Any of these can result in a diabetic eye condition and pose a risk to your eye health and vision. 

If you have diabetes, it’s essential to get regular diabetic eye exams to protect your eyes.

Common Diabetic Eye Diseases 

Several diabetic eye diseases can affect people with diabetes.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Over time, high blood sugar can block the tiny blood vessels that supply blood to the retina. When this happens, new blood vessels may develop improperly and leak. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy.

You might not notice symptoms right away, but as the condition progresses you may experience blurred vision, dark spots, and even vision loss.

Prolonged high blood pressure can result in fluid leaking into the retina. This fluid can sometimes cause swelling in the central part of the retina, called the macula.

This diabetes complication, called diabetic macular edema, can cause vision problems or blindness if left untreated.

If you have diabetes, you’re 50% more likely to develop glaucoma.

Diabetes can increase the pressure inside of your eyes, or your intraocular pressure (IOP). If your IOP is too high, it can damage the optic nerve, leading to glaucoma.

People with diabetes also have an increased chance of developing a cataract.

If you have a cataract, it means that the normally clear lens of your eye has become clouded. Cataracts can lead to blurred vision and vision loss if left untreated.

Get Help Safeguarding Your Vision

Annual eye exams can help protect your eyes from the complications of diabetes and our team has the knowledge to help you!


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