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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Eyeglasses for Your Lifestyle

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Choosing the perfect pair of eyeglasses goes beyond updating your vision prescription with an eye exam—it’s about finding that perfect fit that can complement your lifestyle, enhance your best features, and express your personality. 

At Dubuque Family Eye Care, we believe your eyewear should be as unique as you are. Dr. Lester and Dr. Hodne are here to guide you through the myriad of choices to find the frames and lenses that are meant for you.

When you’re choosing your next set of glasses, some of the key details to consider include:

  • Your prescription
  • Functionality and fashion
  • The role of your optometrist
  • Finding the perfect fit
  • Durability

Understanding Your Prescription

Before diving into the sea of frames, the first step is understanding your prescription. Our optometrists in Dubuque are committed to helping you understand what your eyes need. Whether you need support for distance vision, reading up close, or maybe a bit of both, we’ll explain your prescription and recommend the right type of lenses for your vision and lifestyle.

Functionality Meets Fashion

Your eyeglasses are an accessory that you wear every day, which means they need to be both functional and fashionable. At our eye care practice, we offer a curated selection of frames designed to meet high standards for quality and style. From sleek and modern to classic and timeless, we have eyeglasses for every taste.

The Role of the Optometrist

Dr. Lester and Dr. Hodne play a pivotal role not just in determining your prescription but also in helping you select the right type of eyewear. 

When you visit us for new glasses, we consider your daily activities, occupation, and hobbies to suggest the right eyeglasses for meeting your needs. Our goal is to help enhance your life—not just your vision. 

Need something sturdy for sports? Or perhaps blue light filtering for computer use? We’ve got you covered.

The Perfect Fit

A good fit can be crucial for comfort and optimal vision. Our team will take the time to tailor and adjust your eyeglasses so they fit your face shape, size, and lifestyle. 

We can adjust your frames so they’re not too tight or too loose and fit just right for all-day wear. And it’s not all about comfort—well-fitted eyeglasses can enhance your features, too. The right frames with the right fit can highlight your eyes and complement the contours of your face.

Durability for Your Life

Eyeglasses are an investment in your vision and your daily life. Every pair we offer at our practice is built to last using modern materials and sophisticated lens technology. Whether you’re outdoorsy, spend long hours at the computer, or need something kid-proof, we have eyeglasses that can match your pace.

Let’s Find Your New Favorite Glasses Together

Choosing the right eyeglasses is a journey we’re excited to embark on with you. At Dubuque Family Eye Care, we’re more than just an optometry practice—we’re your partners in eye care, committed to finding you the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle. 

Book an appointment today, and let Dr. Lester and Dr. Hodne help you step out in style and clarity.

Melissa McCarron

Dubuque Family Eye Care



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